Word of the day: Uniqulture

I came across this word in issue six of a free publication called Gravity Guide, "your local music and lifestyle guide to South and East London".

According to page 5:

South East London is the home of Uniqulture (multi-culture without divisions); it is at the hub of the thriving, arts powered explosion in creativity.

OK, I admit it, I added that semi-colon myself... I did refrain from putting in a couple of hyphens, though.

Anyway, I'm unable to find very many other clear references to 'Uniqulture' (with or without a cap) on the web.

In January this Music Tourist Board / Artful MySpace blog asked: "What will Uniqulture have achieved in one year, i.e. by October?" - indicating that Uniqulture originated in October 2008.

The Artful website, on "DIY creativity throughout South East London", states that Music Tourist Board is a "social enterprise" which was planning to "give birth to Uniqulture, publicly, in the new year" - that would be the new year just gone.

Whatever Uniqulture is, both the guide and the websites suggest that it is centred around Deptford. Maybe I should pay a visit - it's not too far away...


mighty red pen said...

Is Uniqulture a combination of "uni" and "culture" or "unique" and "culture"? Because of the "q," I thought it must be the latter and was suprised to find it meant "multiculture without divisions" which to me would be more like "uniculture." But maybe I'm overthinking it.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Perhaps Uniqulture is considered to be a unique example of 'multi-culture without divisions', so the word is a combination of 'uni' (or 'union), 'unique' and 'culture'. I don't know, really – maybe we are both overthinking.

Rocklands ArtBeat said...

i think it's both.
unique culture and uniculture
a planet water thing

a good example seems to be people joining together for Today Deptford on 4th july

the spelling probably helps it refer to something very grass roots