JD's work update

I didn't write a blog post yesterday because I was tied up at work till late – in the afternoon we relaunched our website's homepage on a new platform that allows us to drag and drop configurable elements (or 'controls', as they are being called) into position. A rich text box here, an RSS feed there, that sort of thing.

It should mean much less time spent battling with html and our ever so slightly creaky 'editorial administration system'.

The launch was delayed by a few days which meant that when it finally did happen, our web editor happened to be on (a well deserved) holiday – but it went ahead with relatively few problems and I even managed to tinker with the homepage today without breaking it.

I try to keep my work and personal/blogging identities a little bit separate so I won't point you in the direction of the website (although I don't mind if you go looking), but here's another site that's using the same platform if you want to check it out.

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