Nonsense press release: 'or on the taxpayer'

One of my colleagues has pointed out a good bit of nonsense in a recent government press release. The emphasis is mine:

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson said:

"This is targeted action with a capped budget and for a limited time, designed to boost the whole motor trade. This will ensure that the benefits of a scrappage scheme are balanced with the needs of other sectors of the car industry such as the second hand market, maintenance and repair businesses, and other industries that produce consumer durables or on the taxpayer.

Just what is that final 'or on the taxpayer' doing? Does Mandelson mean 'and with the needs of the taxpayer'?

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TootsNYC said...

Nonsense in a press release?!?!?

Nonsense from the government?!?!?

What kind of country do you live in, anyway? Oh, wait--one like mine.

Incomplete keyboarding of edits, I'm guessing. Something about "not being a burden on the taxpayer"?