Eggcorns: power phrasing

In recent copy, one of our reporters wrote:

While I have power phrased Mr Wood somewhat, the system's benefits have already been seen

Even without the full context, it should be pretty obvious that 'power phrased' is an eggcorn for 'paraphrased'.

It was almost a shame to change it...


TootsNYC said...

Holy Toledo! That's a GREAT one!

I always feel bad when I change eggcorns, but some give me a bigger twinge than others. This one would make me dither for a full 2 minutes. The outcome wouldn't be in question, but I'd still dither.

At least you have a blog you can commemorate it on!

Did you post it at the Eggcorn Database? Absolutely, you should.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Oh, good idea – I'll add it to the Eggcorn Database later. Thanks!