Timothy Taylor steak and ale pie

This afternoon I found myself in one of my favourite London pubs, the Black Friar in Blackfriars.

On the menu was 'Timothy Taylor steak and ale pie'. Very tasty, no doubt, but as Timothy Taylor referred to the ale (Timothy Taylor Landlord) rather than to the steak, surely 'steak and Timothy Taylor ale pie' would have been more accurate?

On the other hand, 'steak and ale pie' is such a well known phrase (and dish) that I can see why the menu-writer chose not to shoehorn a 'Timothy Taylor' into the middle of it.

Another option would have been something along the lines of 'steak and ale pie made with Timothy Taylor Landlord', but then that's a little unwieldy.


Apus said...

What a waste of a fine bitter. The correct thing to add to steak in a pie is kidney; the beer (and I've an idea that there's a technical difference between beer and ale) should be next to the pie, in a straight glass, with its alcohol content intact; not inside the pie with its alcohol boiled away into the ether.

Sorry to rant, JD, but as you know beer and pies are among the subjects closest to my heart.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Apus – I agree with you on both the kidney and the beer. Oh, and the straight glass!

I believe that ale is a type of beer, and that Timothy Taylor Landlord is indeed a (real) ale.