We're going over the top...

I'd like to share a sad experience. On Friday I picked up a used copy of a fantasy trilogy I'd failed to get to grips with when I first encountered it in my teens (no, not Lord of the Rings, although some of JRR's later work was way over my head).

But when I settled down for a read last night I soon encountered the following:

  • "Oh forsooth! I cannot believe you are so anile!"
  • "he waved one penumbral arm"
  • "still he catechized"
  • "immitigable hate"
  • "brandished his carious eyes"
  • "a number of my chattel"
  • "attar-laden voice"
  • "the whole penumbra burst into flame like a skin of green tinder"
  • "you shall have your guerdon"
  • "the forest’s perpetual gloaming"
  • "an exigent need for sleep"

The trilogy's going back to the charity shop – though I have determined to use the word "anile" on the next ageing non-male I meet.

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The Ridger, FCD said...

You're not really missing much.