Portmanteaux: foodswing and doga

Further to Apus's post yesterday on portmanteau words, here are a couple I've come across recently and actually rather like:

Foodswing - if you get cranky when you are hungry, then like me you suffer from foodswings. A blend of 'food' and 'moodswing'. Amusingly there's an American food manufacturer called FoodSwing...

Doga - simply, yoga for dogs. William Berloni wrote a book called Doga: Yoga for Dogs, but I'm not sure whether he coined the word. There's also, inevitably, a Yoga for Cats book and even a rather tongue-in-cheek Yoga for Chickens book (by different authors), but the words 'coga' and 'choga' seem not to have entered the language pool. Yet.

Lynn Brunelle's Yoga for Chickens
(sadly not known as 'choga')

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