Continent under hammer attack

Gingerous Humerous Maximus has emailed in the following headline from the BBC Football website:

Bellamy targets Europe with Hammers

He says: "Now clearly it is a reference to [footballer] Craig Bellamy hoping to get into European competitions with West Ham but still it made me giggle!"

Europe: beware hammer-wielding footballer


Anonymous said...

I got some childish amusement out of the Guardian's reporting of a meeting between our Prime Minister and the German Chancellor:

"Brown flies out to meet Merkel, will see Bush later",,2126157,00.html

Anonymous said...

I thought the golf club was Bellamy's weapon of choice?! Just ask John Arne Riise

Roy said...

Further to Neil's comment, Bellamy is now known as The Nutter with Putter or, because he comes from the said suberb of Cardiff, The Twot from Splott.