A loud favourite

Further to JD's post on eponyms and the interesting comments it attracted, I see that stentorian (no capital letter) features in a recent newspaper feature on favourite words.

It was cited by playwright, poet and author Peter Mortimer who points out that "it's almost impossible to say quickly" – and he's right; it seems to demand to be uttered slowly and with emphasis, as is only right for a word defined in the OED as "very loud and far reaching".

The newspaper in question published some favourite words as part of the run-up to Literacy Day on 8 September. It reports a list of favourites is being assembled by the charity Education Action International, which works in war-torn communities to "rebuild lives through education".

If you have a favourite word you'd like to share JD and I would be delighted to hear from you – you might also care to submit it to Education Action International.

And for what it's worth I have not a favourite word, but a favourite phrase: "Breakfast's ready!" Hmmm... breakfast...

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