Daily Mail and the typist's sore thumb

An interesting example of a national newspaper twisting the truth today.

In its front page standfirst, the Daily Mail is outraged over a severely injured paratrooper getting only "a fraction of the £1/2m given to an RAF typist with a sore thumb". While the paper may have a strong argument, it lets itself down by using the phrase "sore thumb".

The woman in question, who was only in her 20s, actually developed a permanent repetitive strain injury (RSI) which left her unlikely ever to be able to return to full or part-time work. She also developed associated depression. A bit worse than "a sore thumb"...

Oh, one more thing. The typist's award included unspecified legal costs - so I don't know how much of that £1/2m was even compensation.

I also note that the Daily Mail's online version of the story uses the phrase "typing injury" instead of "sore thumb" - a little more accurate, but hardly conveying the full truth.


Apus said...

...particularly as the Mail reported that the typist "claimed" to have RSI while sure as eggs is eggs, before she was handed that much money some very senior doctors would have been challenged at length by some very senior barristers before some very senior judges.

In fact for the damages to be that high, some form of negligence on the part of the RAF must have been established.

But why let the truth get in the way of a good rabblerouse?

Anonymous said...

RSI ... coming now to a con-woman near you.