Journalism: your cup of tea?

I expected only the best when I placed my order for a cheese omelette and chips. I wasn't disappointed. Normally, I don't get too excited about chips or French fries, but these had a crispy, rough surface and this made a pleasant change from those boring oven chips.
The above quote comes from an amazing piece of incisive investigative journalism that Col stumbled upon. 'Pot of Jam at the End of a Rainbow' appears to be part review of Balcombe Tea Rooms, part travelogue involving a gentle motorbike ride to said tea rooms. Written, I am assured, by a professional journalist.

If you ever wanted to be a journalist yourself but were worried about long hours, dangerous situations, interesting characters, too much excitement – take heart. The tea room awaits.

Pot of Jam at the End of a Rainbow

Have a sit down

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