Independent: wackiest words

If you are interested in words and live in the UK, I recommend you pick up a copy of the Independent today. In the Independent Extra is a great feature on 'The Wackiest Words You've Never Heard Of', as selected by Christopher Foyle, chairman of Foyles bookshop.

The feature does indeed include many words I've never heard of (such as batterfang, which means 'to attack with the fists or nails'), as well as a few of my and Apus' personal favourites (I've always had a soft spot for fabiform, 'shaped like a bean').

beans are, by their nature, fabiform

If you are unable to buy a copy of the Independent today, you can find the same article online.

Thanks to Col for bringing this to my attention.

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Anonymous said...

The irony of this one:


noun - the mispronunciation of words. The word is derived from Greek kakos meaning "bad" and epos "a word". It is pronounced " kak-oh-uh-pi", with the stress on the second syllable"

Why not just call it something easy to "bob"