A blog with supergeniusitude

I'd like to use my post today to tell you about one of my favourite blogs, Mark Peters' Wordlustitude.

Mark collects examples of amusing but ephemeral words which otherwise might disappear forever. Each of the words comes with a real-life citation so you can be fairly sure he's not making them up himself.

To give you a flavour of the kind of words on the site (and some of them are quite close to the bone, so be warned), here are a few of my recent favourites. I think most of the meanings are self-evident:

  • supergeniusitude
  • nutsopath
  • pope-o-licious (infallible)
  • non-honkified
  • sexbombish

I'm adding Wordlustitude to our blogroll (in the bottom right-hand corner of the blog) so you'll be able to find it eaily - it's updated fairly often.

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Apus said...

Just took a look at the site and you're right, JD – it's well worth a browse.