All-butter cookies

All-butter cookies - what are they about? They contain lots of ingredients other than butter, such as egg and sugar. Surely this is one for trading standards.

Cookies: Not all butter, fortunately

(Yes, I know it means that the only fat used in the recipe is butter, but I made myself laugh reading a packet of cookies yesterday and thought I would share... it's also a good excuse to put up the blog's first picture, which is something I hope we'll do more of in the future.)

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Anonymous said...

I hope it's not just photos you'll be doing more of: starting with these all-butter cookies, how about offering free samples to your readers? (Mmm, cookies...)

There are other biscuits pretending to be other than what they really are. Ginger Nuts, for example, do not, to the best of my knowledge, contain any nuts. And, as a keen tea drinker, I can confirm that Rich Tea biscuits contain not even the tiniest trace of tea. Let's send them all to Trading Standards!