In which JD rediscovers some blogs

Over the past few months I've been moving various bookmarks from various browsers on various computers into one Delicious account. It's been a real voyage of (re)discovery.

Today I thought I'd share with you some of the blogs I'd forgotten that I liked:

Figures of Speech - It Figures
Don't know your epitasis from your epitrope? This blog gives clear explanations of rhetorical terms (with examples). Interesting, and actually quite useful for reference.

The Journalism Iconoclast
A new media/web development blog from a high-profile advocate of beat blogging.

The Wall Street Journal: Style & Substance
A monthly bulletin from Paul R Martin, the 'stylebook editor' at The Wall Street Journal.

Pain in the English
People submit questions on English language usage. Other people try to answer them.

"News-based blogging" from a London-based freelance journalist. The news is all real, except when it's not. (Actually, this blog is a new discovery for me, rather than a rediscovery, but it seemed to fit quite well in this list.)

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