Word of the day: smirting

Today's word is something that people in England are going to be a lot more familiar with come July 1, and which is already a common phenomenon in the rest of the British Isles and in certain other parts of the globe. Yes, it's smirting.

Smirting is a portmanteau word (another one!), a combination of smoking and flirting, and refers to the practice of smokers flirting outside public places where smoking is banned, such as pubs and restaurants.

According to Wikipedia, the term is thought to have originated in the Republic of Ireland some time after the public places smoking ban came into effect there in March 2004. An article the following year in the Observer suggests "having a quick drag has replaced speed dating as the best way to spice up your love life".

England, get ready to smirt!


Anonymous said...

My favourite story from the Irish smoking ban was that of the people who have actually taken up smoking because they don't like being left sat on their own in the pub when all their friends pop outside for a smoke! If you can't beat them, join them, I guess...

Anonymous said...

There's nothing I love better than to spend an evening at the bar, smirting!

Unfortunately here in the US we have bans a-plenty, too. So I'll be out on the patio!