Word of the day: lucidiots

If Apus can come over all literary, so can I. I came across today's word of the day, 'lucidiots', in a novel - Sacrament by Clive Barker. It's probably easiest if I just quote the relevant passage:

"Glenn's got a great new word, by the way, which is kind of appropriate. Lucidiots. That's what he calls people who talk too fast, seem to be perfectly lucid -"

"-and are, in fact, idiots. I like that. Where'd he get it from?"

"It's his. He made it up. Words beget words. That's the cri du jour."

"Lucidiots," Will said again, most entertained.

So there you go. Lucidiots. Googling it throws up almost no hits at all, so it may well be a Clive Barker neologism.

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