When bacteria tastes good

Despite the flak I got a while back for reading - and blogging about - the back of my toothpaste tube, today I've decided to write about a yoghurt pot (or 'yogurt', if you prefer).

Yesterday I ate a Yeo Valley Organic Strawberry Bio Live Yogurt, and noticed that the packaging claims that

the fresh, mild taste comes from using the friendliest bacteria and the juiciest fruit

I can understand the correlation between the juiciness of the fruit and the freshness and mildness of the taste, but where does the friendliness of the bacteria come in? Do friendly bacteria really taste fresher and milder? And if so, how exactly is the friendliness of bacteria measured?

But I suppose that making your yogurt taste fresh and mild is in itself a friendly act, and therefore the friendliest bacteria are the ones that taste the best. QED.

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