Spelling: 'Sameday disptach'

At the weekend I went to order a particular product from the Amazon website. But I hit a problem: the product in question was available from a number of sellers, all of whom had almost identical prices, ratings and returns policies. I'd never used - or even heard of - any of the sellers before either. How to choose?

Well, the seller that was advertising its "sameday disptach" service ruled itself out of the running:

Company offering 'sameday disptach'
After all, if it can't spare the effort to spell correctly, how can I be confident that it will spare the effort to send me the right product, on time and in good condition? It's like the Panasonic logo says: "Everything matters".


Blue said...

I agree 100%. If you can be bothered with the little things, how do I know I can trust you on the big things?

The Ridger, FCD said...

That's funny, Blue!