Scraper + scoop + ladle = scrudle

On Friday, Metro ran a story about the Scrudle, a plastic device which is "said to allow cooks to seamlessly scoop up equal amounts of ingredients without any spillages".

It added:

Scrudle, which rhymes with strudel and is a mixture of the words scraper and ladle, was the brainchild of Margaret O'Callaghan.

A mixture of the words scraper and ladle? Surely that would be 'scradle' (or 'scraple') rather than 'scrudle'? So was there a third word contributing to the name - and if so, what? 'Stew'? 'Ooh'?

Fortunately the Mail Online (also published by Associated Newspapers) had the answer:

Described as a cross between a scraper, a scoop and a ladle (hence its name, a hybrid of the three), the Scrudle was invented by middle class housewife Margaret O'Callaghan, 65, at her suburban home.

Incidentally, it's surprising just how much media attention the scrudle has received in the UK. A quick search uncovered the following (in order of Google ranking, from highest to lowest):

I love the way the threw in 'spatula'... as if three implements weren't enough.


Sarah said...

I saw this story too, and thought surely it should be called the 'Scradle' also even if you do through scoop into the mix it should still be a 'Scroodle' shouldn't it?

Maybe other people have used the names 'scradle' and 'scroodle' in the past for products, so they couldn't use them for legal reasons?

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Yes, I think 'Scroodle' is better - although it looks like a portmanteau of 'scraper' and 'poodle', which wouldn't be a very good combination. Urban Dictionary suggests that 'scroodle' is a mixture of 'scribble' and 'doodle'.

Incidentally, if you Google 'scrudle', you will see that The Engine Room is listed higher than most of the broadsheets and red tops.