Win Jimmy Carr!

Strange packaging on this soft drink. From a distance it looks like Britvic is offering customers a chance to 'WIN JIMMY CARR' - all the other words are so small they might as well not be there.

I quite like the comedian myself but I'm not sure what I'd do with him if I won him in a competition. Get him to tell me jokes, I suppose.

A pack of the soft drink J20

Anyway, is this 'WIN JIMMY CARR' thing intentional or just a design blunder? What do you reckon?


Adrian Morgan said...

[This is a test to find out if I can leave a comment using Internet Explorer, as I am unable to do so using Firefox]

There used to be a sign at Adelaide University which said "Adelaide University / Strictly Not Permitted". In between were icons representing the things that weren't permitted, but as a student of a rival university I was of the opinion that they might as well not be there.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Just amended my post - I'd written "I'm quite like the comedian" rather than "I quite like the comedian". A bit of a slip!

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Adrian - I'm glad you've found a way to comment on the blog!

If anyone else is having problems commenting using Firefox, do let me know at the usual email address. Oh, and you might be interested in Adrian's blog post on the matter.

TootsNYC said...

I'm sure this was very intentional. They want those words to pop--either on their own: "WIN" "JIMMY CARR" or together.

As for what to do w/ Jimmy Carr once you've won him--the best thing to do w/ contest winnings that personally can't use is to sell them on eBay. I mean, they're going to charge you income tax on your winnings--so unless you have a definite use for the valuable, sell it and use the proceeds to pay off the taxes. Whatever's left is gravy.