Quick and dirty with Grammar Girl

R Mason kindly pointed out that yesterday I'd been quoted in Grammar Girl's 'tip of the day' email. Here's the proof (and you may have to click on the screengrab to bring up a more legible version):

Click to see a larger version

I'm no longer a sub editor with a nickname, I'm a copy editor with a handle. Excellent.

I should add that the best way to find out whether 'the' (or rather, 'The') is part of the publication name is to look at the masthead.

And I don't know whether anyone reading this wants to sign up for Grammar Girl's tips (disclaimer: they do have a bias towards American English).


Laura Payne said...


JD (The Engine Room) said...

It's hardly the Nobel Peace Prize, I know.

Blue Pencil Editing said...

You're famous!

Apus said...

Not sure how much I like 'lowercase' as a verb, but that's AE for you ;)

JD (The Engine Room) said...

I don't mind 'lowercase' as a verb; it does the job quite efficiently.