Jade Goody still lives

Something topical for a change on The Engine Room. Gareth wrote in this morning with the following:

Spotted an interesting headline on the front page of the London Lite last night.

The headline, under a big picture of Jade Goody, was "JADE: FEARS JACK IS ABOUT TO BE JAILED".

To which the obvious answer is: "I bet she doesn't, she's been dead for two days."

I know what they were trying to do with this, but I can't help thinking it backfired a bit!

Ah yes, but you forget that Jade Goody still lives – "in the hearts of the people".

Apologies to anyone reading this who has never heard of Jade Goody.

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Rochelle said...

I found this very amusing, totally agree that it back fired though on them though.

Rochelle @ http://rochelleroyal.blogspot.com