Entourage dialogue box conundrum

Black rectangle aside, the wording on this Microsoft Entourage dialogue box is rather confusing.

Confusing Entourage dialogue box

By clicking 'OK', am I agreeing to 'Do you want to turn off Out of Office messages?' or 'Out of Office messages are currently being sent from the account'?

And if the former, why am I given the options 'Cancel' and 'OK' to answer a question? Wouldn't 'Yes' and 'No' be clearer?


Anonymous said...

The classic example - and there are many of these in Windows - is "Are you sure you want to cancel?" with two buttons, OK and Cancel. So you press OK to cancel, and Cancel to not cancel. Brilliant!

Affer said...

It seems probable that becoming an expert in computing software does not require anything other than the most rudimentary knowledge of the English language - and none at all of its grammar! 'Geeks' have their own language.

Mind you, having recently left a life as a University Lecturer, I can say that this appears to be true of almost EVERY discipline...