Let me through – I'm a proofreader!

One of the adverts that adorned the Engine Room this evening read: Make £500pwk Proofreading For 100's Of UK Publishers.

Ok, per week or pw, but pwk? Why is every word capped? Why is there an apostrophe in 100's?

So the ad should read: Make £500 per week proofreading for hundreds of UK publishers.

May I have my £500 now, please?

And on the subject of ads, I just heard a TV ad for a nappy cream which promises to "protect... and care". An inanimate object "caring"? Does no-one at ad agencies read the code of conduct nowadays?


JD (The Engine Room) said...

Proofreading for hundreds of UK publishers sounds like a huge amount of work, so I'd want to be paid more than £500 per week for that.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Me again. I spotted the same ad so I've put a screengrab of it up on the post, hope you don't mind.