Channel 4 News: 'Blue movies' and 'roughed up'

This evening's Channel 4 News made me laugh twice with its choices of words.

Firstly, it referred to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's husband Richard Timney as having claimed two "blue movies" on expenses. Pornographic movies (or films) possibly, even adult movies at a pinch - but blue movies? Very tabloidese.

Secondly, it said that one of the militants involved in the siege of the police academy in Lahore had been "roughed up" by police after they captured him. Rather euphemistic, I feel.

Admittedly, Channel 4 News isn't the only source to use the phrase 'blue movies' in relation to the Jacqui Smith farce. I can't find any other examples of 'roughed up' relating to the police academy siege, though.

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Anonymous said...

On a similar note, this cartoon made me laugh. It was in todays Times.