Anyone want an "Israel GPS Navigation System"?

The Engine Room received a great junk/spam email yesterday - offering us an "Israel GPS Navigation System" with "Interface & Voice Guidance in English" for only $349. It's not exactly an impulse purchase. After all, to buy this product I assume I would have to:

a) be an English speaker
b) be planning a trip to Israel in the near future
c) be planning to drive while in Israel
d) know beforehand that I would require a GPS system while in Israel
e) be willing to buy a GPS system (as opposed to, say, renting a car that has one)
f) trust a company that sends unsolicited emails full of Initial Caps & Ampersands
g) trust a company that doesn't offer PayPal, and that doesn't advertise its own website in its emails
g) have $349 dollars spare

But wait - according to the email, "Additional Discounts Available for Bulk Orders". So maybe I should go into business retailing these things.

Anyone planning a trip to Israel?


Anonymous said...

Sounds great I'll take half-a-dozen

[cue "Bottom" and then probably "Only fools & Horses" theme]

Anonymous said...

I am English speaking living in Israel and would not mind having an English GPS Please let me have details of the system

JD (The Engine Room) said...

We have a taker! The link to the manufacturer's website is in the original post, if you do really want to buy one of these.