Photo special: Golters Gift Set

So the last snap before I return from my hols:

If the writing in the photo is not very legible, then please take my word for it that this "Golters Gift Set" is half price. Yes, "Golters Gift Set". The lack of apostrophe doesn't surprise me; the spelling mistake, on the other hand, is rather impressive.

No wonder the gift set is on special offer.

I spotted this in a London branch of Wilkinson.


Chris Frumplington said...

It's the second day of the British Open today, so that photo is quite appropriate. But with no apostrophe and that horrendous spelling mistake, this gift set can only be suitable for one kind of 'golter': one who's playing at Royal Berkdale!

Editrix said...

Best. Typo. Ever.

Unknown said...

And no gift set is complete without a flask! That's how you spell "golfer" when you're drunk, perhaps.

The Ridger, FCD said...

But the apostrophe doesn't have to be there.

The typo, though: one ball, six tees, and a giant flask... what else could you expect?

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Ah yes, you're right about the apostrophe not being compulsory. Anyone recall the 'national singles day' discussion a little while back?

Anonymous said...

haha Golters Gift Set
i agree with Beth no gift set is complete without a flask. Cant have that. other wise you'll go stupid and spell Golfer instead of Golter...who does that?!