Photo special: working with Sainsbury's

Yep, your blogger went on holiday, and all you got was this lousy photo:

This is another snap taken in a Sainsbury's supermarket. I was struck by the sign's use of 'working with' rather than (as you might expect) 'working for'. I think Sainsbury's is trying to promote the idea of one big, happy team. No bosses here!

On the same note, I've noticed that the supermarket calls its employees 'colleagues' (at least in its tannoy announcements).


Anonymous said...

Colleagues? Good one. Eons ago, when I worked at a supermarket myself, we were all called "associates."

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...

Sainsburys Has To Be The Worst Place I Have Ever Worked. The Managers Are Rude And Incompetent. And Nobody Knows What They Are Doing.