Grasping the female market with both hands

A while back, my former colleague Dylan brought to my attention a particular press release by "female-friendly insurer Sheilas' Wheels" (natty pink logo pictured on the right).

In the press release, spokesperson Jacky Brown (sex not specified) is quoted as saying:

Our research shows that Britain's car industry is not meeting the needs of the modern-day female driver. It's stuck in the dark ages and is missing out by not grasping the female market with both hands.

Dylan comments:

This press release is referring to sexist car salesmen - but the way it is written, most men will only think of one thing. The woman who wrote this has probably been at the end of quite a few sexist remarks for a reason.

So is Jacky Brown's use of language deliberate or accidental? Appropriate or unfortunate? What do you think?

Original press release

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Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to think it's accidental, simply because phrases like "grasping the market with both hands" are exactly the sort of clich├ęd nonsense that PR numpties love to put in press releases. In fact there's another one in there, just in that little snippet you quoted: "stuck in the dark ages". I suspect Jacky Brown hasn't had an original thought in his/her life.