The Sun: "dream wedding of ecstatic doctor"

The front page lead of The Sun today features a large photo of the wedding of Catherine and Ben Mullany, the Britons who were recently shot in Antigua, and the following opening sentence:

This is the dream wedding of ecstatic doctor Catherine Mullany – shot dead days later on her honeymoon

Here's a scan of the front cover (click to see a larger version).

Now I don't want to make light of a horrible story, but isn't that phrase "ecstatic doctor" rather odd? It suggests that, for Catherine, being ecstatic was a permanent trait rather than a temporary state. Or perhaps she was indeed "subject to mystical experiences" (Concise OED).

Also, given that the photo clearly shows a very happy Catherine at what we are told was her "dream wedding", is it necessary to point out that she was "ecstatic"? Sometimes it is better to let such powerful stories speak for themselves. Mind you, subtlety has never been The Sun's strong point.

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