Monday round-up: web resources and Peanuts

I didn't manage a Friday roundup last week because I was still on my web design masterclass, so this is either a much delayed Friday roundup or a one-off Monday roundup depending on your preference.

Firstly, some web resources that were mentioned in my class and that could be useful to webmasters, web production staff or bloggers:
  • Image*After – a free image library, with no need to register. I usually use Morguefile myself, but this seems a good alternative.
  • iStockphoto – a cheap image library working on a credits system. Owned by Getty, I believe.
  • AccessColor – checks the legibility of text on any given web page. Seems that this here blog is just about legible.
  • Browsercam – test your site on any browser and operating system. It's a paid-for service, but a free 24-hour trial is available.
  • Web Page Analyzer – calculates the size of any given web page and the download time based on various download speeds.
  • Zen Garden – a smart example of what can be achieved through CSS. Although not by me.
You can find some other 'production desk tools' in the sidebar on the right of the blog (you will have to scroll down past the blogroll).

If none of the above is of interest, perhaps the following punctuation-themed Peanuts will appeal (and I know we had a subbing-themed Dilbert last week, but it's just a coincidence):


TootsNYC said...

Thanks for the Peanuts cartoon!

That's absolutely hysterical.

It would fit in my theme of "you can't pronounce spelling" musings, because--well, how *would* you pronounce the ditto marks?

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Punctuation marks are difficult to pronounce, but some of them are easy to sign (says "wonder blogger" JD, making 'bunny ears' with the first two fingers of each hand).