Friday roundup: typos, typos, typos

This week's Friday roundup is all about typos.

  • Copy editor Tim Stewart has been commenting on this blog recently, and his own blog, Typos in Print, might be one to watch – although it's too soon to say. Anyway, it's good to see another sub blogging.

  • One of our regulars, Garik, emailed in to point out this post on Language Log. Not quite the Log's usual bag, but there are some interesting comments about if and when it is acceptable to "make fun of people who make spelling mistakes".

  • Oh, and if you want to play 'spot the typo', check out the Priden Engineering website – but you'll have to be quick.


Tim Stewart said...

Thanks for the link! Playing "spot the typo" is a heck of a lot more fun with books in print than it is with, say, Asian restaurants' menus.

Anonymous said...
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