I say, let the puppy die!

Vegetating happily at the seaside I no longer have to deal with butchered English on a daily basis (cheer up JD, the first 20 years are the worst*). But my torpor is occasionally disturbed by TV adverts.

No doubt charity appeals have to be powerful if they are to do their job but one animal charity has taken the theme of "give us the dosh or the puppy dies" to a new low. Showing viewers a series of victimised pooches is fair enough. Asking for a regular donation is fair enough. But the ad agency copywriter went a step too far with the promise that "if you sponsor a dog you'll receive a certificate and THE DOG WILL WRITE TO YOU". Seems to me that if a dog can read and write it can damn well go out and get a job like the rest of you.

*When I read this before posting it I fell to wondering if it shouldn't be "worse" rather than "worst", because if you're comparing two things, eg "the first 20 years" with the rest of your time in the engine room, worse would clearly be called for. Then I thought, "what the hell, I've retired" so I'm off to the beach.


TootsNYC said...


You're talking years. The first 20 are the worst ones; the next 5 are only sort of bad, and the remaining XX are great!

If the dog can write, maybe I could hire him?

Apus said...

A neat solution, tootsync, worst it is. Problem with the dog though, assuming he's from this side of the pond you'd need to teach him Stateside spellings and you know how tough it is to teach old dogs new tricks...