Friday roundup: blogs and Dilbert

You may or may not have noticed, but this week I've divided up my blogroll (over on the right) into 'editingish blogs' and 'lingy/langy blogs'. The first category comprises blogs that are written by or for sub editors, and those with a slightly more prescriptive feel generally; the second category comprises linguistics, language-learning blogs, and those that are more descriptive.

Some blogs didn't fall neatly into either camp but I've done the best I can. If you feel I've wrongly classified your blog, let me know and I can move it over to 'the other side'.

Additions to the blogroll include Editrix, "a blog for editors, editors at heart, and anyone else who thinks grammar is hot". Apart from its disturbing fascination with American Idol, it's all good. I've also added The Russian Way, which looks at culture more than language but which is interesting for me as I spent some time in Russia teaching English as a foreign language.

Lastly, I hope I won't get sued if I reproduce the following subbing-themed Dilbert (click for a larger image):


Editrix said...

Thanks for adding me. And, yes, my fascination with "American Idol" is rather disturbing, but try as I might, I just can't shake it. Them's the brakes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding mine, too.
Yeah, I do prefer culture as notes about the Russian language aren't likely to be understood by the non-Russian speaking readers, and as for English... well, I'm not a native speaker. :) But I do try to share some things about how Russians speak English.

Anonymous said...
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