Word of the day: drunkorexia

We haven't featured a good portmanteau for a while, and I have Sarah to thank for pointing out this one: drunkorexia. It's the phenomenon of women "skipping meals more and more in order to drink alcohol and remain slim". That's according to the Marie Claire website, anyway, which I have to point out I don't read that often.

And yes, March is evidently 'alcohol month' on the Engine Room.

Anyone for seconds?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Verb had an interesting post the other week about -orexia words, such as manorexia (evidently, it's different for men). I'm peeved by tanorexia, which is about the excess of tanning, as opposed to the deprivation of it, and makes no sense if you think about it too much.

Anonymous said...

does "drunkorexia" supercede the old saying "Eating's Cheating"? It definitely sounds less harmful!

Laura Payne said...

I have not previously heard this portmanteau word but now that I have I can think of quite a few drunkorexics that I know.
I have posted many times about portmanteau word also - http://walkinthewords.blogspot.com/search?q=portmanteau