Student journalism and Enter Shikari

I'm spending the long bank holiday weekend up in Derby.

Yesterday evening, while waiting in the pub for someone, I flicked through a copy of local student magazine Dusted. It wasn't the most exciting read, but then I'm not studying at the University of Derby.

However I was amused by an interview with the band Enter Shikari - albeit for the wrong reasons. I especially liked this bit:

Making it into one of the backstage rooms [in Rock City, Nottingham] I'm greeted with a warm welcome by all of Enter Shikari, who easily look like they could fit into the backdrop of a normal night in [Derby club] Bluenote. I sit down ready to do the interview but just before I'm about to start, Rory (Clewlow, guitar and backing vocals) offers me a beer. A little shocked, I take one and thank him.

Right... so you're a student interviewing a rock band. In the evening. In a rock club. A little before they go on stage. One of the band members offers you a beer... and you're shocked.

I have two questions for you: why are you shocked? And why on earth are you telling me this?

I was never a student journalist. Perhaps you can tell.

PS. The cost of a pint last night: £2.80.


TootsNYC said...

maybe the student journalist is shocked that the famous rocker would deign to offer refreshment to the lowly journalist?

Roy said...

£2.80 for a pint. Bargain! A pint of lager in my local has just gone from £2.70 to £2.90. My abacus tells me that this is an increase of 7.4%. Inflation is rife!

kate said...

nice interview! .. you gotta check this enter shikari clip out. it's hilarious!