Names: Robin for a girl

Sarah has emailed us a nice little name-based anecdote:

A work friend of mine told me a story yesterday that made me laugh. He said his sister, who was a bit of a 70s child, had always really liked the name 'Robin' for a girl. Throughout their childhood she'd always said that if she had a baby girl when she grew up then she'd call her Robin.

It turns out that she did get married and have a baby girl, but had to rethink the name she'd chosen as the guy she married had the surname Graves!

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Anonymous said...

I have a friend whose maiden name is Cobb . . . we joke that her parents should have named her Cornona.

Roy said...

There were two guys who used my local pub where I used to live who were both called Robin. One was a retired bank manager so was known as Robin the Bank. The other one was known as Robin Bastard for reasons I won't go into.