Wednesday woundup: Apgar, backronyms, U2

This morning, the weather presenter on BBC1's Breakfast said a particular weather front would be moving towards London "during the course of the overnight period".

Um, shouldn't that be "during the night" – or possibly just "overnight"?


Neil has pointed me in the direction of an interesting article on the backronym 'Apgar'.

A backronym is a pre-existing word that has been "turned into an acronym by the choice of appropriate words to fit each of its letters"; you'll have to read the article to find out what 'Apgar' means.


I know I've tweeted this already, but it's too good to miss: a letter from the Daily Mail concerning U2. "Genuine, or a spoof that snuck in? Don't know, don't care," says @mattkirschen, who uploaded a scan of the letter.

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