Edible oil tanker operator

Today I subbed a story that mentioned an "edible oil tanker operator". That could be:

  • An operator of oil tankers that are edible
  • An edible operator of oil tankers
  • An operator of tankers of edible oil

I presumed it was the last...


Anonymous said...

well my first reaction on reading it was the second - an edible operator of oil tankers.

Fran Hill said...

Could it also be a tanker operator made of edible oil. A slippery fellow, I'll bet.

Stan said...

I like Fran's interpretation.

Anonymous said...

naah naah !
please English language is also difficult to express anything even by english people themselves !

i am sure he meant to look for a job as an operator for the edible oil tanker truck... to drive the road tanker truck okaay ??