Survivors: wearing glasses can harm your health

Slightly off-topic today in that this post is about the media rather than language use, but...

...have you been watching the remake of Survivors currently showing on BBC1? And if so, have you noticed how few of the survivors wear glasses?

None of the main characters in the TV programme is bespectacled, as the photo below shows. Dexter's group, from the second episode, is similarly lacking in glasses-wearers. Two of the elderly folk at the eco-centre (episode three) have specs on, but that's it, and they hardly have a speaking role anyway.

Screen grab from

So why, when around two thirds of the UK population wear glasses or contact lenses? Possible reasons:
  • The programme-makers didn't consider glasses cool enough. Unlikely, seeing as Doctor Who often wears specs and he is the sexiest man in the universe (apparently).
  • Wearing glasses puts you at an increased risk in a world "with no society, no police and no law and order". True, someone might be able to sneak up on you if you were busy cleaning your bins, and it could make life very difficult if you happened to break them, but I don't think this can account for the almost total absence of glasses-wearers in the programme.

  • The virus that struck down 99% of the UK population is especially dangerous to the myopic. This seems the most likely explanation - perhaps someone should tell the scientists working on a vaccine (incidentally: why bother, when almost everyone who was susceptible to the virus is now dead?). And this explanation would account for the two elderly folk at the eco-centre: they were wearing reading glasses, and weren't short-sighted at all.

Of course, it could be that the survivors are all wearing contact lenses: but really, in a post-apocalyptic world, would you bother?

"We must defy Dexter's thugs and mount a raid on the supermarket!"
"Why, what do we need: food, fresh water, medicines?"
"No, I'm nearly out of contact lens solution..."

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

UPDATE 10.15pm: You can watch the Survivors remake on the BBC's iPlayer.


Anonymous said...

I only saw the first episode of this, but could it be part of the plot that the survivor's are in some way super-human? and therefore all have perfect eye-sight.

Sir Compton Valence said...

I'm afraid you've made a spectacle of yourself, JD.

The Ridger, FCD said...

It's simpler than that: television show producers hate glasses on regular characters. It makes lighting more difficult, all that reflection, and unless they're real glasses the eyes look subtly off.

Apus said...

And why are they all so young, slim and pretty? Is this some form of nightmare Darwinistic virus designed to leave the planet inhabited with characters from Hollyoaks?

and Mr Ink, JD's a fast learner, so he might also be called an apt pupil... (sorry, couldn't resist it