Arise, sir Terry: former sub Pratchett is knighted

I know Apus will be pleased to learn that Terry Pratchett (pictured below) has been made a knight in the New Year Honours list.

Photo by: Sutton-Hibbert / Rex Features

Of course, the novelist was awarded his knighthood for services to literature, rather than for his early work as a sub (and reporter, I believe) on the Bath Chronicle.

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Apus said...

Quite right, JD; I'm absolutely delighted. Sir Terry's work has given me more pleasure than any other writer – and now that his health is not of the best, every new book he completes is all the more precious.

The Ridger, FCD said...

Yay! I love Pratchett's work. It's a hono(u)r well deserved.

Anonymous said...

To quote something that Terry Pratchett wrote in 2007:

"I think that making me a knight would be extremely silly, and would therefore embrace the idea in true Chestertonian fashion by taking it seriously. I would buy a suit of armour (and stand vigil over it, but since praying in a chapel is not my scene, maybe the Humanists would let me sit in their lobby and read Darwin.)"

I don't know whether or not he's actually done this, but if I were a journalist it is the first question I would ask.