Gold, frankincense and myrrh Christmas menus

Something appropriate for Christmas Day:

One of the bars near to my place of work has been offering 'three tailored Christmas menus', named 'gold', 'frankincense' and 'myrrh' (or rather 'myrhh', but let's not be picky).

Some browsing on the internet reveals the following:
  • Gold is toxic if consumed in high quantities. And prohibitively expensive, of course, so not many people get the opportunity to test that.
  • Myrrh, which often cost more than its weight in gold in ancient times, has a bitter taste and is traditionally associated with funerals and cremations.
  • Frankincense... is actually edible, although chewy and sticky. Mmmm.

So it looks as if the frankincense menu wins the day.

(This is just for fun, and I wouldn't be surprised if any or all of these facts were incorrect.) Can you eat gold? Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh

Oh, and one last thing: Merry Christmas!

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