Cumulative grammar poetry time!

I was going through my notebooks from a few years ago and I came across this snippet of (for want of a better word) poetry which I thought I would share with you:

A phrasal verb did me in.
A phrase verb and his mate,
who was a non-defining relative clause,
did me in.

(In case you don't get the joke: 'to do someone in' is a phrasal verb, and the third line of the poem is itself a non-defining relative clause.)

Presumably I had intended to continue the poem, introducing more grammatical terms as I went. And presumably it would have almost followed the form of (what I've just discovered is called) a cumulative song.

Don't judge me, OK?


The Ridger, FCD said...

I like that, myself.

Anonymous said...

I like it too! Not least because it's good to see that there are more people around than me who enjoy doing silly things with grammar :)