Photo special: premuim ale

Having said yesterday that I'm not that keen on run-of-the-mill typos, I do find it amusing that one of the employees of my local Sainsbury's supermarket consistently spells 'premium' as 'premuim':

A supermarket price sign for Bombardier Premuim Ale

I did say consistently:

A supermarket price sign for Spitfire Premuim Ale

I have to admit that I always struggle to spell 'privelige' and 'sacrelige' correctly. Or do I mean 'privilege' and 'sacrilege'? I think I'm misled by the 'elig' part of 'religious'.

So now I want to ask: which words do you have consistent difficulty spelling?


Anonymous said...

Accommodation. The double M gets me every time.

Blue Pencil Editing said...

I always want to add an extra "r" to "harass," like "embarrass." And as an editor, I don't want to be harassed or embarrassed about a spelling error.

Blue said...

Vacuum. I always want to add an extra C.

The Ridger, FCD said...

Judgement, until I learned you CAN put the E after the G.

Field - though I can spell it, I can't type it; it always comes out as filed.

I can't think of others, but I'm sure there are a couple.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered that I didn't remember that Terrific doesn't have two Fs. I can't seem to type Management correctly on the first try; I'm always missing the second A.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Yes, I used to struggle with 'embarrass' until I came up with a strange way of remembering that there are two 'r's in the word.

All I do is think of the phrase 'it's an arse to be embarrassed' and I remind myself that there are indeed 'r's ('arse') in the word. By which I mean, of course, more than one 'r'.

I suppose my technique might not work if you are American.

And I've just realised that this is conclusive proof of my oddness (if any were needed).

Anonymous said...

Names that end in -in; at the end of a word, I automatically type -ing.