'Friendly young woman, always sliming'

Spotted this great typo in free London newspaper thelondonpaper's "personal dating column". I'm assuming that the word is supposed to be 'smiling', although it could possibly be 'slimming'. Or perhaps the young woman in question is indeed "always sliming".

And I should point out that I was looking at this column purely for professional purposes. Really!


TootsNYC said...

Having done a lot of reading of british mysteries and romances as a teen, I always loved the terminology "slimming" where us Yanks would use "dieting."

It was always so much more hopeful sounding.

Unknown said...

I assume this a typo of smiling rather than slimming, however I'm intrigued in case it really IS sliming.

Doris said...

Then again, perhaps she has a penchant for low-rent districts and meant to say that she's "always slumming".