Metro: How many white people in Britain?

It's dodgy statistics time again, today courtesy of free paper Metro.

In the midst of an feature about 'the state of the nation', based on a National Statisticians article on society, Metro makes the following claim:

Percentage of UK population classified as white
2007: 90%
(England 65%)

Um, given that England makes up about 50 million of the UK's 60 million-ish population, this just doesn't add up.

If 90% of the UK's 60 million population is white, that's 54 million of them who are white and 6 million not. Even if every one of those non-white folk lives in England (which isn't the case), that still gives England a white population of 44 million, or just over 80%.

So either the figure of 90% is wrong, or the figure of 65% is wrong. Or possibly both. When I spot something like this in a feature, it immediately makes me mistrust the entire thing and I usually just stop reading.

Just a thought: any chance that figure of 65% was supposed to refer to London?

Tearing things out of papers
is not my forte...


lynneguist said...

Could it be saying that England has 65% of the British population? Or it could be saying that 65% of the white population lives in England?

Just guessing...

Anonymous said...

65% sounds quite likely as a "white" percentage for London. For Britain as a whole, or England, it's clearly too low, whatever the Daily Mail (or the Metro, which isn't significantly different) would like us to think.

Anonymous said...

And the perentage of non-white newsreaders on TV is currently 95%. That's positive discrimination for you.

Pips said...

In my geography textbook is says that 90% People in the UK are white, So I'm thinking that one is right.