Language isn't everything

Having retired from the engine room (this is being written in my caravan at the seaside, the sun's shining and it's all rather wonderful) I have bags of time to watch telly. Recently I caught a late night showing of a movie called Redemption, having been warned in the TV guide to expect "moderate bad language".

Fair enough, the language wasn't shocking – but the plot included a monk being bricked up alive and torture involving plugging in an iron and leaving it on the hapless victim's chest.

Needless to say it put me off my cocoa and left me wondering if the TV guide's engine room might be well advised to pay less attention to offensive language and more to offensive plots.

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JD (The Engine Room) said...

Ha, I was going to link this post to the relevant Internet Movie Database page but 'Redemption' must be one of the most popular film names ever and I don't have a clue which one you watched, Apus!