Metro: dubious festival fashion advice

Even though festival season is still months off, free paper Metro yesterday ran a fashion guide to looking "festival-fab" and "Glasto-glam". It included this piece of questionable advice:

Crowd pleaser: A big hat is a hit on so many levels: it's a sun visor, you can be spotted from a distance and, if all else fails, it will hide hideous hair.

I don't know about you, but whenever I've been in a crowd at a festival, trying to watch a band but having my view restricted by someone in a massive hat, I've been less than pleased.

On the plus side, wearing a big hat at festivals makes you an obvious target for projectiles such as mud, beer cans, and bottles of -um- yellow liquid...

Don't be a dummy, choose a smaller hat

We've been critiquing Metro a lot recently, notably on its statistics...

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