Friday roundup no.2

Last week I instigated a Friday roundup but this week's is going to be rather short because Apus has already written two fine posts today.

  • The job title 'hazardous goods manager' has been making me laugh – is that just a goods manager who is a hazard to others?
  • Talking of job titles, our technical editor pointed out a great one that made it into the pages of our publication: 'knowledge transfer network manager'. Anyone know what that means?
  • I'm thinking of trying the JargonFish widget on the Engine Room – anyone out there had any good/bad experiences with it?
  • And has anyone noticed all the adverts that Adsense has been serving us for 'Sarah Beeny's Dating Site'? Exactly how many people is La Beeny looking to date?

A longer roundup is promised for next week...

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Anonymous said...

Re: Beeny - not me I'm afraid.